April 2021: The Most Epic Post-Pandemic Party

Hey, how’s pandemic life treating you? 

If one day you’re feeling optimistic, and the next struggling to get out of bed, I feel you.  I’m especially bummed when I go to sleep and have anxiety dreams about COVID, rather that escaping to a utopian, germ-free world like I hope to do. 

In my daydreams, I fantasize about the most epic post-pandemic party I’ll be attending… what it would look like, what I’d be wearing.  It got me thinking, if I could attend a party from any movie, what would be the perfect one?  Mine’s gonna look a lot like the opening scene to Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery: an all-day joyous parade through the streets of London with balloons, bright coloured clothes, great 60s dance moves, and a marching band playing Quincy Jones. 

What’s another great party from a movie that you wish you could attend?


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