Recent Projects

Steeltown Bloom
In former steeltown Hamilton, Ontario (a.k.a. “The Hammer”), creative spirits found a place to flourish in abandoned and underused spaces left behind in the post-industrial shuffle. Steeltown Bloom is a multi-year documentary featuring the journeys of local artists and creative entrepreneurs, over the course of a decade in the James Street North neighbourhood.
Status: Post Production

Why Didn't I Leave? 
Created by a crew of 19 womxn, "Why Didn't I Leave?" is Hamilton LOFT's inaugural project. This short documentary challenges the stigma behind that very question - one which places blame on victims of abuse, rather than holding perpetrators accountable. The film explores some of the less recognizable forms of abuse and the overwhelming barriers many survivors face when trying to escape, while highlighting the local organizations working to support survivors.

This Is The Thing
Mike and Tim, two record store employees in their 30s, want more than their retail jobs – they want to be famous. Join them as they learn just how hard it is to chase their dreams of becoming a standup comedian and YouTuber, respectively.  Set in Hamilton, Ontario, each episode is punctuated by musical or standup comedy performance and is a love letter to life in Steeltown.
Status: Season 1 out now on Bell FibeTV1.  Season 2 in pre-production

Wild Child
A wilderness challenge show for kids.  They learn outdoor skills, then compete against other teams, and the clock!  The team with the most points at the end is crowned “Wild Child”! 
Status: Post Production