September 2021: Shaking Off Glitter


I’m still trying to shake the glitter of summer out of my brain.  I gave myself the permission to take it easy the last few months, to focus on wellness and recharge from the stress of the pandemic.  And…




I recently got an email from a musician curious about covering songs for sync, so I thought I’d share it, as it’s important to know about.


Q: Recently I’ve been arranging hit pop songs for my sound (piano/strings/solo voice).


(an ancient photo in a time when DJing was legal: March 2020)


Greetings from locked-down Ontario! 

To get through the past few weeks with any shred of sanity, I’ve taken a break from social media… otherwise known as “living the…

April 2021: The Most Epic Post-Pandemic Party

Hey, how’s pandemic life treating you? 

If one day you’re feeling optimistic, and the next struggling to get out of bed, I feel you.  I’m especially bummed when I go to sleep and have anxiety dreams about COVID, rather that…

March 2021: Quick tips for getting your songs in films


It’s ramping up to be a busy month, with lots of projects on the go that I wanna tell you about.  To start off, here are two quick tips on being successful in getting your music placed in Film…

February 2021 - Unboxing Joy

Tell me, how bored are you? 

I don’t mean in the sense that you have nothing to do… it’s easy to fill your day with work, projects, important-feeling tasks.  I’m at the stage of the pandemic where ennui has set…

December 2020: Greetings from locked-down Ontario! 

I'm writing this on New Years Eve, struggling to get into the celebratory spirit. I don’t have to go on about what a battle this year was, but DAMN it was tough.  It’s still tough.  I see and feel the…


It's All Happening!


I've launched this new site to keep track of my many projects - DJing, music supervision, my podcast, my radio show, and everything that I like in between!  The benefit of being in isolation, and having all my gigs…