Welcome to the Hamilton Film podcast!  I’ve been documenting all of the exciting happenings of the film industry in Hamilton Ontario.  I can’t believe this is the start of Season 4.  It’s been a really interesting project for me, as we learn more about filmmaking, and showcase some of the incredibly talented people that make movie magic here.

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Engaging Kids in Filmmaking with Nathan Fleet

 In Season 4 I’m focusing on the ways that filmmaking changes our world for the better.  And someone who has consistently made positive changes to the film industry in Hamilton is my guest today - Nathan Fleet is a filmmaker, musician and educator.  He is the Executive Director of the Hamilton Film Festival, now in its 17th year.  He is also the founder of Lights Camera Hamilton and the Kids Can Film camp.  We chat about the benefits of engaging kids in filmmaking, the new Hamilton School of Media Arts, and his new TV series, WILD CHILD.


Creative Partnerships with Writer/Producer Alyson Richards

I met today’s guest while working on the 2021 thriller The Retreat.  Writer/Producer Alyson Richards is a great person to talk to about putting together a successful filmmaking team.  She has collaborated many times with Director Pat Mills, and Producer Lauren Grant.  Her latest short, TRASHED screened at the 2021 Art Gallery of Hamilton Film Festival.  We talk about the important qualities you should look for in a director or producing partner, and bringing underrepresented stories to the big screen. 


The Art of the Interview with Shayla Howell

I attended a workshop called “The Art of The Interview”, taught by director, writer, producer, researcher Shayla Howell.  Shayla has been working 20 years in non-fiction programming, specializing in documentary, factual television and oral history.  Her work has been broadcast on CBC, IFC, Showcase, History & more.  I really think developing your interview and research skills are crucial for any filmmaker, and I’m thrilled to have Shayla on this week’s podcast to share some important insights. 


Everyone Speaks the Language of Film with Shane Pennells

Shane Pennells is a filmmaker, writer and advocate.  His latest short film, HUEY, just screened at the 2021 Hamilton Film Festival.  I chat with Shane about his work with at-risk youth, the universal language of film, and using your voice to elevate important stories.