Welcome to the Hamilton Film podcast, where I document all of the exciting happenings of the film industry in Hamilton Ontario.  Every episode explores an exciting role of movie making; from acting, to special effects, directing, to content creation.  In Season 3 we’re going to dig deep into some of the remarkable film and television shows that have been filmed here, and feature prominent Hamilton storylines.  

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Making a Hamilton Comedy Series with Mike Mitchell

When I heard that someone was making a series that takes place in a Hamilton record store, I had to find out more.   A show about comedy, music, and chasing a dream, ”This Is The Thing” follows comedian Mike Mitchell and record store audio buyer Tim Ford on their quests to become a well known standup comedian and YouTuber.  The show features guest appearances by many Hamilton comedians and musicians.  I chat with creator Mike Mitchell about the making of the series, pitching a pilot, guerrilla filmmaking, and the future for the series that all of Hamilton is talking about. 


The Hamilton Ladies of Film & TV with Cher Obediah & Laura Ellis

For this episode I brought in two women in Hamilton who I admire and work with - filmmaker Cher Obediah, who was a guest on Season 2, and actor/writer Laura Ellis.  Together we are launching a new initiative to support women, The Hamilton LOFT: Ladies of Film and Television.  Through LOFT we hope to connect female identifying creatives to work collaboratively, learn from each other, and grow together. 

If you live in Hamilton, and identify as female or non-binary, we’d love to have you join our LOFT community.  Here's our Facebook Group.


Pink Is In with Lisa Crawford and Kim Lombard

 I chat with creator Lisa Crawford and writer Kim Lombard about the Bell Fibe TV1 prison comedy “Pink Is In”.  The show takes place in the fictional Chatsworth Hamilton Prison, following the administration's hilarious attempt to run a private facility.  In addition to their behind-the-scene roles, they both act in the series: Lisa as an inmate Nezrenko, and Kim as the inept CEO Pip Barnett.  We talk about the process of getting a show picked up by Bell Fibe TV1, the benefits and challenges of a Hamilton-based production, different styles of comedy, and what’s next for this unique series.


Film Scoring with Steph Copeland

I chat with composer Steph Copeland, who has over 30 film and TV credits to her name.  She began her career as a singer songwriter before immersing herself in electronic music production, and is best known for her work in the horror and sci fi genres.  We chat about the path to becoming a film composer, how to talk the language of music with directors, and the biggest challenges that composers face.



Creating Content with Black Fawn Films' Cody & Chad

I invited producers/directors Cody Calahan and Chad Archibald of Black Fawn Films and Black Fawn Distribution to chat with me at the Cotton Factory about creating content in a time where there’s never been more demand for entertaining things to watch. We talk  about their recent productions The Oak Room and Vicious Fun, Canada’s place in the content and genre film world, and the most important things for new filmmakers to focus on.