September 2021: Shaking Off Glitter


I’m still trying to shake the glitter of summer out of my brain.  I gave myself the permission to take it easy the last few months, to focus on wellness and recharge from the stress of the pandemic.  And it was incredible!


A few highlights

  • Attending Cavendish Beach Music Festival, eating fresh oysters and lobster in Prince Edward Island.  I got to wear lots of red lipstick as there is no mask mandate in PEI if you’re fully vaccinated.  Woo hoo!
  • A week of relaxation with family and friends at a cottage in Northern Ontario
  • Toronto trip with my son Tomi to Ripley’s Aquarium

Now I’m back at my desk most days.  After 18 months of no live DJ gigs, the bookings are coming in (details below)!  There are a couple projects and events to share with you, and also an update on my podcast.


Thanks for letting me put words in your inbox.  Let me know what’s new with you! 


With gratitude,


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I'm working on Season 4 (!) of the Hamilton Film Podcast, a project I started to document what's happening in the film industry in my city.  It's been awesome connecting with so many unique and interesting people.  Season 5 launches October 13.  Until then, revisit our most popular episode from each season:

Season 1: Directing with Terrance Odette

Season 2: Creating Contect with Black Fawn Films’ Cody & Chad

Season 3: Creating a Successful VFX Company with Kirsten Bodenstedt




“Wild Child” is a wilderness challenge show for kids.  They learn outdoor skills, then compete against other teams, and the clock!  The team with the most points at the end is crowned “Wild Child”!

Watch the Teaser

Season 1 is currently in production, filming at Valens Conservation Area, Hamilton ON. 


We are looking for a song from a Hamilton-based, independent artist to feature in a scene where the teams are planting trees.  The theme of the episode is sustainability, giving back to the environment for future generations.

Think hopeful, upbeat, fun, inspirational, anthemic, “we can do this”, “let’s work together”.

If you’re creating a new song for this pitch, it’s fine to keep it simple (eg vocals and acoustic guitar).  Also try to steer away from lyrics that are too literal (eg “look at us, planting a tree”).  Keeping the lyrics more general will give it a better chance at being placed in other shows and films.

The series will initially air on Bell FibeTV1 in 2022. 
The song can be any genre, and any gender of vocalist, minimum song length 1:30.  Clean lyrics. 


Submission deadline OCTOBER 1.  Submit your music here (subject line: WILD CHILD)



Sat Oct 2 FRUIT SALAD A patio hang for lesbians, 2SLGBTQIA+ women and their friends.(SOLD OUT)
Sat Oct 16 – Fall Market At The Cotton Factory
Sun Oct 31 – Halloween Hootenanny at Bridgeworks